Liz Lutz is a certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching Pilates and Sinclair mat method since 2003. In 2013, she began studying biomechanics and whole body alignment. Liz certified as a Healthy Foot Practitioner in 2016 and recently received her Restorative Exercise Specialist designation from Nutritious Movement. Liz offers solutions in a variety of modalities and process ranges, from private Restorative Exercise classes to group courses and classes.

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Gabriola Health Centre - Restorative Restorative Exercise Specialist

Philosophy: Together we look at where you are now, your body alignment, your range of motion, your habits and your aches and pains. Then we make a plan to achieve your movement, flexibility and comfort goals.

Dynamic Aging Classes: Aging does not have to mean decline. Many aches, pains and conditions are the result of body use not age. Learn your alignment points and a few simple corrective exercises to make positive change. Your age is not responsible for your lack of mobility. Your habits are!

Restorative Exercise Classes: Learn total body alignment and corrective exercises to keep you in alignment for optimal health and movement. We offer a variety of options and opportunities.

Healthy Foot Classes: Here you will learn techniques and exercises to mobilize your feet, gain better balance and enjoy strong, pain free feet.

Strong and Supple Shoulders Classes: These classes teach upper body alignment, self massage techniques and corrective exercises to free your shoulders from pain and stiffness. You will build upper body strength and increase your range of shoulder motion.

Roll Away Pain Self Massage Techniques: Learn simple self massage techniques using small balls and foam rollers. Find out how easy it is to relieve tight, sore muscles in just minutes a day.